2018 Toyota Avensis Touring: Spy Shots and Redesign Details

It looks like Toyota decided to keep the Avensis nameplate live. We know that because we just spotted a prototype that seems to be the 2018 Toyota Avensis Touring. The amazing station wagon currently wears some heavy camouflage, which stops us from seeing what’s actually going on beneath. However, the new and muscular lines are so evident on every inch of the car.

2018 Toyota Avensis Touring spy

The front-end styling sports significantly more aerodynamics from today’s model, while the interesting headlights may bring more spirit to the slow-selling wagon. Both front and rear bumpers appear to be more massive from the current, while the rear end still hides production-ready design. However, judging by the spy shots, you won’t have to worry about the cargo space, because the next-generation Avensis Touring sports plenty of room. Moreover, the prototype seems to feature a few more inches between the wheels, which will definitely have a big influence on the trunk. Unofficially, with the folded second row, the cargo capacity should be around 1,610 liters, which is really impressive.

2018 Toyota Avensis Touring spy rear

The new exterior and improved interior are not the only changes that will happen. No, the 2018 Toyota Avensis Touring (and Avensis sedan) will shed some important weight. The Japanese car manufacturer will try to reduce car’s weight as much as it’s possible, which will definitely improve drivability and fuel economy. Under the hood, the redesigned station wagon will get totally new engines. The gasoline model will use Toyota’s all-new 1.6-liter turbo unit that’s capable of delivering 120 and 150 horsepower. On the other hand, the oil-burner model will replace today’s 1.6-liter D4D with BMW’s 1.5- and 2.0-liter mills, which pump out 115 and 190 ponies.

According to information we have, both the 2018 Toyota Avensis wagon and the sedan sibling will be introduced at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The carmaker hasn’t said how much it could cost the new generation model, yet we think it won’t go over today’s price, because higher prices won’t improve sale figures without any doubt.

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