2019 BMW X3 EV and Mini EV In The Works

These are not the first ever all-electric cars, but Tesla’s amazing lineup start something that no one other done before. They managed to turn off the EV market very fast, so now the other electric car manufacturers are trying to catch up the outstanding driving technology. For instance, BMW is one of the biggest carmaker in world, but except of the slow selling i3, they have nothing. Well, they have nothing at the moment, but in two, three years, the Bavarian automaker will definitely have a lot to offer, because they just announced the arrival of all-new 2019 BMW X3 EV. Except of the future all-electric SUV, the producer will also electrified several Minis, possibly one crossover and one hatchback.

2019 BMW X3 EV

2019 BMW X3 EV: What To Expect

In any case, the completely new 2019 BMW X3 EV is still in early developing phase, so we can’t say some precise details about it. The carmaker says the SUV is currently in the second phase of development, which means it may start with testing in near future. The eco-friendly vehicle will definitely have advanced battery technology, maybe good enough to fight with Tesla’s Model X crossover. Still, except of the all-electric drivetrain, the SUV should also get autonomous driving technology, which will enable the self-driving technology. Of course, the “autopilot” option will make the X3 EV more premium and significantly more expensive from the regular model.

Estimated Price and Arrival

Speaking of the price, the 2019 BMW X3 EV will likely cost around $60,000, which will be still $15,000 less than the Tesla Model X, so the crossover could be really interesting option in the future. The car manufacturer hasn’t said anything official regarding the exact date of arrival, but it should be ready sometime in 219, possibly in the first quarter.

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