2019 Chevy Plug-In Hybrid SUV is Almost Ready

According to the latest rumors, Chevrolet is going to build one more crossover. No, we are not talking about the Trailblazer or anything similar. The car manufacturer works on a plug-in hybrid high-riding vehicle, which will be influenced by the amazing FNR-X concept that made its world premiere at the 2017 Shanghai auto show. Now, we don’t know the actual name of the SUV, yet we are sure it won’t be called like the concept. What we know for sure is that the 2019 Chevy plug-in hybrid SUV will be ready late next year.

2019 Chevy plug-in hybrid SUV

The carmaker hasn’t released any closer information about the powertrain of the concept crossover, so we can’t really know what’s going to run Chevrolet’s future plug-in hybrid crossover. However, we are pretty sure that the car manufacturer plans to pair a small 1.5-liter gasoline with a pair of electric motors. The 113 hp strong gasoline mill will run the front wheels, while the electric motors should drive the rear axle. Of course, the plug-in hybrid EV can switch between its engine and electric motor, yet don’t expect to cross more from 50 miles on the electric-only driving range.

2019 Chevy plug-in hybrid SUV

Styling wise, the 2019 Chevy plug-in hybrid SUV should not differ too much from the concept version. Moreover, as far as we think, the carmaker should change anything at all, but of course, they will at least tone down the exterior styling. Plus, concept’s “dragonfly” doors will be switched by the regular opening. Still, the sharp lines and angular cuts will definitely stay on board, as well as the elegant front-end arrangement. Some reports say that the FNR-X features too many similar details as Toyota’s C-HR, yet we don’t see it that way. No, Chevy’s concept looks incomparably better, so we are sure that the producer won’t ruin the chance to become a class leader.

Aside it’s going to look gorgeous inside and out, the 2019 Chevrolet plug-in hybrid SUV will also pack the latest technologies. This includes the impressive Advanced Driver Assist System along with predictive navigation logic and head-up display, which provides 270 degrees of outward vision to the sides and in the back.

2019 Chevy plug-in hybrid SUV

Like we said, the funky crossover still has no the official name, but this is going to change pretty soon and we will be the first to find out. So, stay tuned.

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