2019 Ford Ranger Regular Cab: Two-door pickup truck spied

We caught an early prototype of the 2019 Ford Ranger Regular Cab a few days ago. The small pickup truck with a single-cab configuration has been spied at a supplier facility in Michigan. Judging by the spy shot, we can conclude that the carmaker is devoted to developing not only the fancy models but a rear working machine without too many rooms for enjoyment.

2019 Ford Ranger Regular Cab Two-Door

The texting mule is a two-door truck, which usually aims commercial business. The vehicle will lack comfort and luxury without any doubt, however, the hauling capability will be pickup’s stronger side. The 2019 Ford Ranger Regular Cab will basically feature pretty much the same styling as the four-door version. The vehicle sports a two-bar crossmember design in the front, along with a possibility of adding F-150’s C-shaped headlights. The car manufacturer has no intention to touch truck’s hood, A-pillars, or rooflines, so it will essentially have the same design as today’s overseas model.

The Regular Cab two-door model will likely share most of the engine options with its four-door sibling. This means it will rely on a four-cylinder turbo mill, as well as on a V6. The carmaker might actually reconsider to add a diesel variant. Moreover, the oil-burner will be a perfect pair for the working truck. No matter which one unit will be offered, it will definitely come along with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

(Photos: Glenn Paulina/Trucks.com)

(Photos: Glenn Paulina/Trucks.com)

The biggest advantage of the 2019 Ford Ranger Regular Cab will be its price of course. Now, we can’t really say how much exactly it will cost the working pickup truck, but we expect to start a bit north from $20,000. The current light Regular Cab work truck market doesn’t exist at the moment, but we are sure Blue Oval is going to revive the segment with this vehicle. In any case, we will found out everything until the 2018 Detroit auto show, because that’s the place where the carmaker plans to introduce the U.S.-specs Ranger.

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