New 2019 Mazda Pickup Truck Will Have Isuzu’s Genes

Unlike every previous pickup, Mazda’s next all-new pickup truck won’t have anything in common with Ford. Still, the Japanese car manufacturer seems that it can’t make this kind vehicle by itself, so it will once again find a partner. This time, we will see collaboration between Mazda and Isuzu, which should bring on the table a completely new pickup truck that will replace both, the Mazda BT and Isuzu D-Max.

2019 Mazda pickup truck

2019 Mazda Pickup Truck: What’s Cooking

The future model should be ready in two or four years, so if everything goes according to the plan, we will see the 2019 Mazda pickup truck. What’s more important – in contrast to the Ford Ranger-based BT model, the new pickup won’t be sold just in Asia and Australia, but worldwide. Yes, the BT replacement will be offered in North America, and will be very competitive.

The 2019 Mazda pickup truck will compete it really tough segment that includes recently redesigned Honda Ridgeline, new Toyota Tacoma, and upcoming and totally revamped Nissan Frontier, so it won’t be easy at all. Still, keeping in mind Mazda’s sense for design and impressive Skyactive technology, or Isuzu’s powertrain department, we think that the future truck can become quite interesting option. Speaking of the performance, the carmaker will offer every available option under the hood, so the vehicle could have both, the gasoline and diesel options, as well as some kind of hybrid or plug-in hybrid drivetrain.


  1. I bought new a Mazda B2600 4×4 in 1993 and still have it. Does not smoke! Studded tires all the way around and it is UNSTOPPABLE.

  2. when can we start buying mazda pickups again in U.S. don’t see any on US website.

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