2019 Nissan SUV EV Is Coming Soon: It Will Be Leaf’s Bigger Brother

Nissan’s new generation Leaf is almost ready to be introduced. Aside from the new and more aggressive styling, the electric hatchback is definitely getting a better powertrain, capable of crossing over 230 miles. However, as we have found out, the Leaf isn’t going to be an only electric car from Nissan. No, the Japanese car manufacturer is building one more “all-battery” vehicle, yet this time a high-riding version. Yes, the 2019 Nissan SUV EV is in the works as we speak.

2019 Nissan SUV EV

The rumored electric crossover hasn’t been spotted yet, but our insiders claim that the carmaker already works on it. The SUV will allegedly use the same drivetrain as the new generation Leaf, yet since it’s going to feature a bit heavier compact body, the 2019 Nissan SUV EV (or whatever it will be called) should not be able to cross more than 200 miles on a single charging. Of course, the carmaker will definitely introduce a less capable and less expensive model, which will feature a smaller battery with a range of 140 miles.

According to the latest speculations, Nissan’s electric SUV could borrow most of the styling cues from the amazing IDX concept. Moreover, the whole idea is to build a futuristic-like crossover, with a bunch of advanced options. This means that the carmaker won’t skip the chance to load the vehicle with its Intelligent Mobility features, which includes both self-driving capability and imposing connectivity.

The manufacturer hasn’t revealed any information about the 2019 Nissan SUV EV, yet we think it should be done either late next year or in early 2019. The crossover will share most of the options with the next Leaf, yet it will definitely cost more than the electric hatchback.

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