2019 Tesla Model Y SUV Teased

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed new details about a future SUV. The new all-electric high-riding vehicle will be introduced as the 2019 Tesla Model Y. Aside it’s going to be smaller and cheaper option from the amazing Model X, the compact crossover will also get a unique look as well. We know that because Tesla revealed a single teaser that’s showing smooth styling cues of the upcoming SUV.

2019 Tesla Model Y

While it’s pretty clear that the 2019 Model Y would feature a sleek and sexy design as every other Tesla car, it’s unknown whether the carmaker plans to add any conventional side mirrors. It’s highly possible that there will be nothing alike here, so you will have to rely on rear-facing cameras only. Still, today’s regulations suggest that every vehicle must have side mirrors, so we should wait and see what’s going to be a final decision. What we know for sure that the carmaker plans to build the Model Y on a new fourth-generation platform, which is not done yet. Plus, the new electric SUV will get X’s falcon doors for sure.

There is nothing official regarding the powertrain and batteries for the future vehicle. Yet, we think it’s going to feature a better option from the current Model 3, simply because it’s getting a new platform.

Musk is pretty sure that the Model Y will be the most popular vehicle from Tesla, which implicates that it will feature a significantly lower price than the current Model X. As far as we know, Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California has no capacity for the newcomer, so the carmaker needs to build some new facilities before the production begin.

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