2020 BMW iX3 and X3 PHEV: Spy and Specs

BMW will try to make a respectable electric lineup in the future. Moreover, they’ve promised at least 12 all-electric models by the end of 2025. Still, the future isn’t too far away as it looks like on the first glance, because the Bavarian car manufacturer is doing some preliminary testing already. Our photographers have managed to catch the very first prototype of what appears to be the 2020 BMW iX3.

2020 BMW iX3


The fully electric crossover is checking out its batteries on the cold and snowy weather. Even though we were unable to measure how many miles the 2020 BMW iX3 is capable to cross on a single charge, we do believe in the SUV, because the car manufacturer promised more than 400 miles from the fifth-generation battery. However, it’s still unclear how powerful is going to be the system and is it going to be able to compete with the biggest names of the segment.

Styling-wise, the 2020 iX3 looks pretty much the same as the regular gasoline X3 compact crossover. There are just two differences out there. Firstly, the high-riding vehicle has no exhaust tips at all and second, it sports a charging port on the driver’s side front fender.

2020 BMW iX3

BMW X3 Plug-In Hybrid

The all-electric X3 is not going to be the only compact crossover choice that BMW plans to offer. No, the manufacturer is also building the 2020 BMW X3 Plug-In Hybrid. This option will reportedly use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a small electric motor. The overall output should be limited to around 300 horsepower. The power will be divided to all four wheels of course. If the latest information turns out to be true, the plug-in model will be able to cross at least 30 miles without any help of the B48 engine.

In contrast to the 2020 BMW X3 PHEV that’s going to be introduced early next year, the all-new iX3 will probably wait for the end of 2019.

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