2020 Ford Bronco Teased and Baby-Bronco Announced

Ford was without any kind of Bronco SUV for a long period, yet now Blue Oval Company plans to have two of the kind. Yes, aside for a long time rumored 2020 Ford Bronco that’s hidden beneath the sheets, the carmaker is also working on a totally new and smaller, so-called Baby Bronco. Of course, the smaller sibling is not going to wear Bronco badge. No, the Escape-sized off-road SUV will have its own identity, though, it will share a lot with the 2020 Bronco without any doubt.

2020 Ford Bronco Teaser

As for the returnee, as you can see, the next-generation Ford Bronco has been teased for the first time. The cover hides most of the details, but the silhouette beneath seems quite promising. The all-new SUV will not have anything in common with its predecessor. Moreover, it will not use anything from the 2004 Bronco concept either. Instead, Ford has made an ultra-boxy SUV with a long, very long hood. The squared-off hood has been paired with a pretty blunt nose and an upright windshield. It appears that the 2020 Bronco gets bulging fender flares, while the rear end shows a place for a spare tire.

Ford hasn’t released too many details about the next-generation Bronco so far. Luckily, we are pretty confident in the information we had earlier and we are pretty sure that the off-roader is going to use the T6 platform. The architecture currently supports the overseas mid-size Everest SUV and the Brazilian off-roader Troller. Now, the Everest is paired with the regular body-on-frame T6, while the Troller uses a shortened version. The 2020 Ford Bronco could use both of them. How? Well, the carmaker plans to offer both two- and four-door versions of the off-road SUV in order to compete with the new Jeep Wrangler.


We are not so sure which engine options the carmaker plans to offer under the hood of the off-road SUV, yet the units should mirror the Ranger pickup truck. In addition, Ford has promised a hybrid variant right away, which will use an electric motor’s low-end torque, as well as an electric power take-off feature. No matter what’s going to be under the hood, the SUV will host a standard four-wheel-drive. Even though they are going to be the biggest rivals, the Jeep Wrangler and the new Ford Bronco will likely share some components. Ford didn’t say much about the future off-road kit so far, yet we’ve heard that they plan to use Dana solid axle just like the Wrangler.

Stay tuned for updates.

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