2020 Toyota Tundra: Redesign details and new engine options

Toyota’s full-size pickup truck has received a small update for this year. However, Tundra’s fans expected a little bit more from the Japanese manufacturer, and they will get more, but not before early 2019. Yes, the outdated utility vehicle is getting the successor which will probably be introduced as the 2020 Toyota Tundra.

2020 Toyota Tundra redesign

New, lighter platform

We have to admit that we haven’t caught any prototype so far, so we don’t know what is cooking. Still, our reliable source claims that the development of the 2020 Tundra started already, and thus we have some pretty reliable information. The large truck will reportedly ride on a new platform, which will shed some weight and improve truck’s rigidity at the same time. In case this happens, Toyota will have to employ plenty of aluminum. In addition, the redesigned pickup will grow in size, so the potential buyers can expect a bit larger bet and more spacious interior.

Interior and Exterior Changes

Speaking of the cabin, the carmaker will probably introduce a Tacoma-like design, loaded with the latest features and technologies. The manufacturer will likely add the new generation Entune infotainment, which is going to be compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Plus, the new cabin needs more USB ports and at least one 110-volt charger, as well as the latest safety features.

Aside it’s going to feature a larger footprint the 2020 Toyota Tundra will host a redesigned exterior. The new generation pickup might borrow some styling cues from the smaller Tacoma. However, the latest reports indicate that the full-size truck could also feature a Camry-based nose. We are not so sure how the detail might look, but the idea is pretty interesting.

Engine options and transmission

The new platform will come along with new suspensions, but what’s more important, the truck will host completely new options beneath the hood. While we can’t confirm that the 2020 Tundra is getting a diesel, we know what’s coming for in place of the existing gasoline units. The base 4.6-liter V-8 will get a familiar replacement borrowed from Lexus. More precisely, the truck will use Lexus LS600h’s 530-liter V8 engine, which produces 394 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. Although some rumors indicate that the pickup could get the boosted option with up to 400 lb-ft, we would be still satisfied if the producer doesn’t change anything.

As for the more powerful 5.7-liter V8, Toyota will allegedly introduce the second-generation powertrain, which will outmatch the current one. Yes, our insider promised both more power and torque and better efficiency. In addition, today’s six-speed automatic gearbox will be replaced with a new and smoother eight-speed auto transmission.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. I love the Tundra BUT what I don’t like about it – mileage. Need a better mileage per gallon. IF YOU DO THAT, I WILL BUY THE TUNDRA 2020.

  2. I tow with my truck and it is a daily driver but would love to get more torque and h/p plus better stability. I have been waiting on the news hoping but nothing yet. Diesel????? if not looking to go Nissan or Dodge.

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