4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck Teased

Bollinger Motors unveiled its two-door B1 electric sport truck a few months ago. Now, the manufacturer teases with one more, pretty similar options. Their new off-road vehicle will be 4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck. Essentially, the new model features just two additional doors, but the manufacturer had to make it longer for that purpose. At this point, we don’t know whether this has an influence on truck’s efficiency, though, they did everything to keep mile-range unchanged.

4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck

According to the producer, the chassis of the 4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck is around nine inches longer, which is not a small deal at all. In overall, the vehicle is inches longer, which makes the four-door options 159 inches long with the wheelbase of 114 inches. Cargo area has been increased as well. With six additional inches, the truck gets 101 cubic feet in overall. The manufacturer hasn’t announced how many pounds will be heavier the 4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck from its two-door sibling. However, they stressed that the model sports the same ground clearance, but reduced breakover angle for 2 degrees. Still, the reduction from 33 to 31 degrees seems normal, because every longer model features lower breakover angles.

The 4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck will use same battery options as the tow-door model. The potential buyers will be able to choose between 60 kWh and 100 kWh batteries. Relying on the smaller battery, the two-door Bollinger B1 is capable to cross 120 miles, while the 100 kWh version increases the range to 200 miles.

Both trucks should become available in two years. Judging by the information we have, the two-door all-electric truck will cost around $50K, while the four-door model should add $10K.

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