Alpine SUV Scheduled For 2020 (It Will Borrow Mercedes’ Bones)

It is quite clear that Renault revived the iconic Alpine brand in order to sell some more luxurious models. The French carmaker plans to introduce the first car sometime next year. Reportedly the vehicle will be named A120 and will be basically a mid-engine rear-wheel drive sports car. Now, according to, the manufacturer will also bring the Alpine SUV in the next several years.


Judging by the latest reports, the high-riding vehicle will be pretty interesting without any doubt. The automaker will likely collaborate with Mercedes-Benz, so the future Alpine SUV must be impressive. It will borrow GLA’s amazing platform, which will enable outstanding performance and handling. The newcomer might also use some Mercedes’ engines. If this actually happens, the Alpine SUV would probably use a 2.0-liter turbo mill that currently delivers 241 horsepower. However, in contrast to the sports car that’s coming in 2018, the future SUV will come with front- and all-wheel drive setups.

Now, don’t be grouchy right away. The Alpine SUV won’t be just one another Mercedes’s crossover. Renault will definitely bring an interesting exterior design, which will be sporty and premium. Of course, the interior will exude luxury without any doubt.

From our point of view, the Alpine SUV is a smart move, but it seems like they need to be faster. By 2020 every carmaker will release its own luxury compact crossover, so we afraid that Renault may be late for the “battle”.

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