BMW Pickup Truck Is Coming In Two Years

BMW is Mercedes’ biggest rival without any doubt, so it’s no wonder why BMW is reconsidering to build a pickup truck right after Mercedes introduced its own. Moreover, BMW’s entry into the pickup truck segment seems like a done deal because they already have several ideas how to simplify the job.


BMW Pickup Truck Platform: Toyota Hillux or X5 SUV?

According to our insider, Bayerische Motoren Werke Company will probably deepen already successful collaboration with Toyota. They already have BMW and Toyota Supra, which are co-developing products, so the future BMW pickup truck may easily get Hilux’s underpinning. If not, then we can expect the unibody vehicle that will be developed on one of the existing crossover platforms, which will likely be borrowed from the new X5.

In either way, don’t expect anything ordinary, but only a premium vehicle. The German car manufacturer will pay the biggest attention on luxury, yet this doesn’t mean that the future BMW pickup truck won’t be off-road oriented.

Except of the borrowed chassis, the vehicle might also borrow the interior from the new BMW X5. SUV’s dash looks really good, and moreover, it packs the impressive equipment, so the future pickup truck might use the same dash, as well as the iPad-like infotainment screen and iDrive controller.

Under The Hood

If the BMW pickup borrows the chassis from Toyota Hillux, then it might use the same engine options as the Japanese pickup. If not, you can expect X5’s drivetrain lineup. At this point, the SUV comes with four totally different engines. The base model uses a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder with 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of twist. There is also an oil-burner mill, which will be a terrific option for the pickup. It’s a 3.0-liter engine that’s capable to deliver 255 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. Of course, the range-topping model could use a 4.4-liter turbo V8 with 445 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of twist. At the end of day, the carmaker could also use a plug-in hybrid powertrain too. It combines a .0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with one electric motor, and could be the right answer on Tesla’s upcoming all-electric pickup truck.

Now, there is nothing official regarding the arrival of the interesting vehicle. Still, according to the latest rumors, it will be done in two years.

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