BMW X6 M With Special 3D Design Tuning Bits

The Bimmer you are looking isn’t going to be available worldwide. No, it’s introduced at Abu Dhabi Motors, so it will be available in the Middle East only. Still, we can’t miss the chance to mention the awesome BMW X6 M with special tunes by 3D Design. The coupe-SUV features just the exterior changes, but tweaks are really cool.


The new exterior hosts some additional carbon fiber for front and rear spoilers, as well as new side skirts and diffuser. The factory hood has been replaced with Manhart’s carbon bonnet, which adds a pair of the pretty large air intake. Black grille and roof are entire BMW, yet the 23-inch wheels are new. They are from Manhart. The amazing SUV also hosts a new a new Akrapovic exhaust system. The cab is a slightly touched, too. The special BMW X6 M features black gloss and carbon fiber trim inside which fit perfectly with red leather treatment and red stitching.


Even though BMW hasn’t said anything regarding the powertrain, our sixth Sense tells us that there will be changes beneath the hood. We are just kidding about the Sense of course, yet the engine has received some improvements, which should be ready for the 2019 BMW X6 M for sure. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine currently delivers 575 horsepower, yet the updated version should pump over 600 ponies.  A ZF eight-speed automatic will supply all four wheels with the power, while a 0-60 sprint could easily go under 4 seconds. On the other hand, top speed will stay limited to 155 mph.


The manufacturer hasn’t said anything regarding the price of the tuned X6 M, but the special 3D Design will add a couple of thousand dollars to the current cost without any doubt.

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