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Say hello to a prototype that appears to be the 2018 BMW X3 M40i! Yes, the German car manufacturer is actually working on the high-performance model that’s going to arrive shortly after they introduce the […]

Do you know what’s and where’s Arjeplog? Of course, you don’t know. It’s a small town that lies near the Polar Circle. More precisely, it’s around 35 miles south, which is still extremely cold, yet […]

BMW’s first ever full-size SUV is ready. The car manufacturer will reveal the production model very soon, most likely at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. On the other hand, the North American public will have […]

Check out the first spy video of the 2018 BMW X7. The carmaker was testing the full-size SUV on snowy track, and as you can see, it’s dancing like a pro. This particular model appears […]

Cold and snowy Sweden seems like a perfect place for winter tests, so these days the majority of the European car manufacturers are checking their new models, especially SUVs. We just caught BMW’s high-riding prototype, […]

So far, we were able to see just some testing mules of BMW’s first full-size SUV, yet today we managed to catch the real thing. Feast your eyes with the production-ready prototype of the 2018 […]

We recently saw a production-ready prototype of the new generation BMW X3 while it was testing the new abilities, but after some two or three days we also spied the 2018 BMW X5. Judging by […]

BMW is Mercedes’ biggest rival without any doubt, so it’s no wonder why BMW is reconsidering to build a pickup truck right after Mercedes introduced its own. Moreover, BMW’s entry into the pickup truck segment […]

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