All Electric Ford F-150: A Bitter of Truth

It’s not a secret at all that Ford plans to build electric vehicles in the near future. Moreover, Blue Oval won’t stop at some small EV. Instead, they are reconsidering the production of pure electric SUV and sport coupe. While we can’t really guess which high-riding vehicle will get the honor to try this all-electric powertrain first, we are sure that the Mustang will be that EV sport coupe.

Electric Ford F-150

However, these two won’t be the only samples in fully-electric forms. No, the manufacturer is also reconsidering to produce an electric truck as well, and we are pretty sure it’s going to be the F-150. This is America’s best-selling nameplate, so it’s definitely the best possible candidate. Plus, the producer promised the electric SUV with the ability to cross up to 300 miles on a single charge, which means that the F-150 EV may get almost the same mile range.

Still, the completely electric F-150 is still pretty far away from production lines. Moreover, it’s just an idea. On the other hand, the manufacturer will introduce the Ford F-150 Hybrid in the near future. The vehicle will be introduced before 2020, yet we are not sure is this the vehicle Blue Oval actually needs. Yes, we know it’s going to be super cool and will have pretty good fuel economy, but it will lack behind the competition. How? Well, it’s quite simple. Tesla is currently working on its all-electric pickup, and we are sure it’s going to be really outstanding. This means that they will lead the way of battery-powered pickup trucks, and we afraid that every other will largely lack behind, including Ford.

We are sure that there will be an electric Ford F-150 sooner of latter, yet we would rather prefer to see it while we are still young.


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