New Generation Honda Passport is Coming Back as the Two-Row Pilot?

Do you remember Honda Passport? Of course not. Why would anyone think of something that disappeared some fifteen years ago and was pretty boring? Well, we have news for you. The Japanese car manufacturer plans to revive nameplate very soon. According to, the trademark application was filed on December 2, 2016, which means we might see the all-new model in the no time, most likely next year.


In case you think it’s too soon for an all-new SUV, think twice, because of the carmaker everything it needs. The new generation Honda Passport should be basically just a smaller Pilot. More precisely, the manufacturer plans to bring a two-row mid-size SUV that will fill the gap between the three-row pilot and the smaller CR-V.

Aside it’s going to have a shorter wheelbase, the Passport SUV will also cost less from the Pilot. As Honda’s three-row SUV currently starts at $30K and the smaller CR-V cost around $24K, it’s safe to assume that the mid-size five-passenger model should be priced around $27,000.

In case, the Japanese automaker figures out that the Passport doesn’t sound too attractive (which isn’t too big secret at all), they might reconsider something else. If you ask us, they could add something like “Sport” to the Pilot, which would definitely attract more attention.

Anyway, Honda is definitely bringing a two-row SUV, so stay tuned for updates.

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