Infiniti’s QX80 Monograph SUV Concept Is Ready For The 2017 NY Auto Show

We already announced the arrival of the next generation QX80. Infiniti’s flagship SUV won’t be ready for this year, so it’s going to arrive as a 2019 model without any doubt. Still, the carmaker will preview the vehicle with an interesting concept that’s going to be introduced at the upcoming 2017 New York auto show. We don’t know much at the moment, because the manufacturer released just a single teaser photo of the QX80 Monograph SUV concept, yet we know it’s going to be a lot chunkier and muscular from Infiniti’s current range-topping SUV.

Infiniti QX80 Monograph SUV concept

The teaser of the Infiniti QX80 Monograph SUV concept shows just a front end, so we know how it will look the face. The vehicle will feature a hot-looking mesh grille that’s going to be carved into the mighty hood. The headlights are very slim and LED of course, while the front spoiler looks very aggressive and features vents. We can’t really see sides on the SUV, yet it appears that the QX80 Monograph sports a little bit more pronounced wheel arches. As for the roof, it gets rails and seems to be sleeker that before. From our point of view, Infiniti’s new concept SUV will definitely look more interesting from the QX50 concept, but this is just our opinion.

In any case, the QX80 Monograph SUV (and production ready QX80) will share a body-on-frame platform with the Nissan Patrol, as well as with Mitsubishi’s new generation Montero. This means that the next generation QX80 might feature some kind of hybrid powertrain. What’s more, some reports indicate that the carmaker plans to get rid of the current 5.6-liter V8 in favor of the all-new 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6. Well, it makes sense since both produce around 400 horsepower.

Like we said, the QX80 Monograph SUV concept will make the official debut on April 11 at the upcoming auto show in Big Apple, so we will found out more about Infiniti’s full-size SUV very soon.

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