Land Rover Discovery SVX Concept

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show seemed more as some electric fair to us. Most of the car manufacturers were bragging with their new hybrids or EV, or new techs, but just one of them brought a true off-roader. Yes, the British automaker introduced Land Rover Discovery SVX concept, but don’t you worry, because the production model is coming without a single change.

Land Rover Discovery SVX concept

Power it’s not everything that matters here, but I have to point out that the concept SUV came paired with an impressive 5.0-liter supercharged V-8. The impressive mill pumps out 525 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, which with adequate off-road equipment makes the vehicle unstoppable regarding of the terrain configuration. And believe me, the Land Rover Discovery SVX owns the impressive kit from the ground to the top.

Land Rover Discovery SVX concept

The concept SUV uses 20-inch wheels fitted with 275/55-size Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires. The tall tires improve performance on soft surfaces and reduce contact pressure. Aside it sports increased ground clearance, the off-roader sports a revised suspension with long-travel dampers and revised knuckles. With the raised height, the Discovery SVX improves departure and breakover angles. Land Rover added electronic rear locking differentials, which are paired with Terrain Response and 2 off-road driving modes selector to further aid traction. A normal rotary dial has been replaced with a gear lever, which should provide better control when off-roading.

The manufacturer equipped the Land Rover Discovery SVX with a hydraulic anti-roll system. This is the first time the Discovery nameplate sports the amazing feature, but I know what this brings. This way, the SUV improves body control and traction and reduces body roll at the same time.

Land Rover Discovery SVX concept

Even though it’s a typical off-road SUV, the model offers very pleasant interior. Moreover, you will find everything that offers the regular Discovery and more. Still, I am pretty sure that the production version that’s coming in a few months could look even better.

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