Mercedes Teases Pickup Truck Concept (Video and Photos)

Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is almost ready. Moreover, the German car manufacturer has released some teaser video that announces the arrival of Mercedes’ first ever pickup. Still, we have the bad news too. It will be previewed in form of concept, so the real thing is still far away. According to the automaker, they will introduce the intriguing pickup concept on October 25 in Stokholm, Sweden.

There is still no official information regarding the name of the upcoming truck. As far as we know, it will be named either the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLT or X-Class. In either way, they promise a true body-on frame truck with rugged look and amazing powertrains.


Interesting Styling

The teaser video shows a complete exterior, but it doesn’t reveals much at all. The front end styling is very sleek and quite interesting. There is pretty stylish front bumper with huge air intake, as well as manufacturer’s distinctive grille. The headlights appear to be very aggressive, while the hood might get some bulges. Around back, there are quite slim taillights, as well as very wide tailgate. As we understand, the rear bumper can be easily removed, so there is a possibility for loading large stuff.


They haven’t show the interior styling, yet we hope to see a floating tablet-like central screen, and definitely soft-touch materials. Of course, the producer will offer a number of useful safety features and the latest driver assistance.


What’s Under The Hood

Under the hood, the concept will likely come with something interesting like a hybrid, but the production model will probably have a range of four and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. The German car manufacturer simply loves to offer plenty of drivetrains, so they won’t skip the chance with the new pickup truck without any doubt. The engines will be paired with manual and automatic transmissions, of course. After the arrival of the production model, Mercedes’ AMD division might come up with its version.

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