New Generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class Spied Again (Features Aluminum Body)

A prototype of the new generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been spotted again. The iconic SUV is still fully camouflaged, but regardless the fact, we have managed to found out more details about it.


New Generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class Will Lose 900 Pounds

Judging by the newest spy shots, the all-new G-Class won’t change its styling at all. The distinctive rugged and boxy design will stay for sure, yet everything else is going to change. Speaking of the body, we have to mention that the vehicle will definitely cut some weight. The latest rumors indicate the weight reduction of at least 900 pounds, which is really spectacular. The usage of aluminum and high-strength steel will also make the SUV more rigid, so the safety should be notably better. In addition, the width will be increased for about 4 inches, but the overall body looks to be shortened a little bit.

Performance Details

The new generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class will definitely offer some amazing drivetrain options. As we mention earlier, the off-roader will start with Mercedes’ new inline-6, while the 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine should be the best option. On the other hand, the carmaker might add a possible plug-in hybrid, as well as a range-topping V-12 engine. According to the latest reports, the SUV won’t offer any manual option, but just a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The ultimate off-roader is scheduled to come in early 2018, and will be offered worldwide. Still, the SUV won’t come alone, because the British carmaker works on the all-new Land Rover Defender at about same time.

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