Next-Generation Mitsubishi Montero and New Nissan Armada Might Become Twins

We were pretty confident that Mitsubishi prepares the next-generation Montero when they introduced the all-new Pajero Sport overseas. However, the interesting SUV doesn’t comply with U.S. regulations, so the carmaker was unable to sell it here. This might change in the coming years because of the tight collaboration between Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. According to Mitsubishi Chief Operating Officer Trevor Mann, the US-specs flagship SUV might be built together with the next generation Nissan Armada. Moreover, Nissan large SUV and the next-generation Mitsubishi Montero could be almost twins.

next generation Mitsubishi Montero

This doesn’t refer exclusively to the US models only. No, the overseas siblings, the Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero will also share plenty of elements. Judging by the reports, the future high-riding vehicles will use the same architecture and perhaps the identical engines. More precisely, they are thinking of some kind of hybrid or even all-electric setup.

The next generation Mitsubishi Montero and redesigned Armada could also get a third member that will share the platform and drivetrain. We are talking about the current Infiniti XQ80. Today’s SUV rides on the same architecture as the Patrol (Armada), so it seems like a good candidate.

Like we said, these are words of Mitsubishi’s official from 2017 Geneva Motor Show, which means that they probably started development of such idea. In any case, we will found out more in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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