Toyota FT-4X Concept: Is This A Comeback of The Iconic FJ40 Land Cruiser?

The 2017 New York Auto Show hosted one pretty interesting SUV concept. It named the Toyota FT-4X concept, but it not as off-road oriented as it looks at the first glance. No, the SUV is a totally on-road vehicle, which design has been inspired by the FJ40 Land Cruiser. However, except the exterior styling, the FT-4X has nothing in common with the legendary mid-size SUV.

Toyota FT-4X concept

The Japanese car manufacturer hasn’t said anything closer, but the Toyota FT-4X concept could mean that they plan a revival of the FJ40 Land Cruiser. After all, concept’s details such as white roof flared front fenders, and short overhangs indicate that possibility. And let’s don’t forget the distinctive cues like an upright windshield or horizontal white face with Toyota badge at the center.  Around back, the SUV sports even more exciting detail. More precisely, the rear hatch can be opened in two different ways, so you can either open with split doors or as one piece. In any case, the design definitely brings some memories, but where’s the off-road spirit?

Toyota FT-4X concept

Well, the Toyota FT-4X concept looks rugged and features 12-spoke 18-inch wheels and Goodyear tires, but it’s definitely more oriented to the urban jungles. Still, this might change in the future, because the carmaker has no such an off-roader, plus, the CR-V won’t get all-wheel drive anytime soon. Now, Toyota hasn’t said anything official regarding the engines, but we think it’s powered by a small four-cylinder engine, which is paired with a CVT.

The interior isn’t the prettiest we ever saw, but it has some really cool details. The cab is more versatile than luxurious. There are a removable multimedia system and a single screen that works as the main instrument cluster, while the carmaker left some place for a smartphone. The SUV has heated and cooled storage box in the rear, as well as a sleeping bag. Oh yes, they also made a place covered with rubber mats, so you can put something wet without any problem.

Toyota FT-4X concept interior

Anyway, we really don’t expect the production version of the Toyota FT-4X concept. However, if they actually decide to build it, it would be a true competitor for Jeep’s Renegade SUV.

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