Toyota FT-AC Concept: The off-road SUV with useful features and unibody design

The vehicle you see here is Toyota’s all-new off-road SUV concept. More precisely, the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show hosted the Toyota FT-AC concept. Since it’s the third concept of the kind which the carmaker introduced during this year, we expect some production-ready model in near future. At the first glance, the FT-AC concept might be a preview of the next generation Toyota RAV4, but the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed this. No, that’s how we see it.

Toyota FT-AC concept SUV

Anyway, as you see, the Toyota FT-AC concept pairs both a futuristic design with off-road capabilities. This way, the carmaker tries to show that the off-road SUV doesn’t need to look as crude as most of the vehicles of the kind look. Instead, the concept offers a perfect mixture of a car-like unibody structure and off-road abilities. Toyota managed to do that petty simple. The Toyota FT-AC combines a long wheelbase with a wide track. Thus the SUV gets a stance powerful enough to go off the road without any problem. Plus, ground clearance and underbody protection, as well as twin tow hooks additionally illustrate the main purpose of the SUV.

So, what makes the SUV different for other of the kind? Well, the first thing we see is the eye-catching exterior design, but that’s not everything. No, the FT-AC concept hosts some amazing and useful technology such are infrared cameras on the side mirror. The feature capture trail runs, but that’s not all. It can be removed from the vehicle to record something else. The SUV sports specific fog lamps as well. They can be removed and used for portable lighting, which is a fine detail. Toyota has added Wi-Fi hotspot for live-stream and “geolocation capabilities”. The later feature is most likely some kind of integrated GPS. We’ve almost forgotten to mention the retractable integrated bike rack, which is one more nice detail.

Toyota FT-AC concept SUV rear

Toyota FT-AC concept’s purpose is to show the future design and characteristics for the future, but it’s not showing what motivates it. Still, the Japanese manufacturer has said that if the crossover arrives, it’s going to offer both gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

We think, however, that the concept isn’t going to hit the production facilities at all. Instead, like we said, they might introduce some of the styling cues and features along with the next-generation RAV4 or even the future 4Runner.

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