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2017 BMW X3 — Next Generation SUV Gets Turbo and Hybrid Power

The updated BMW X3 was introduced a few years ago, yet the automaker already plans the next-generation model. The all-new version will hit the market in 2016 as the 2017 BMW X3, but in contrast to the current model, the all-new compact SUV will offer some more exclusive features. From this point of view, it is very hard to imagine anything better that what the crossover currently offers, but according to the rumors, there will be some really amazing stuff. The future X3 will likely get both the performance M and plug-in hybrid version, as well as the lighter body, so it is quite clear that will come more efficient.

2017 BMW X3 Plug-in Hybrid

The new exterior body-work will definitely bring a different platform for the SUV. The carmaker will change or eventually update the existing architecture, so the 2017 BMW X3 may get the lighter body and planed engine options. The latest reports suggest that the next X3 gets a 35up architecture, which is more space-efficient and stiffer. Regarding the new engines, a plug-in hybrid X3 will combine a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit, which will be paired with a an electric motor that is integrated into the eight-speed automatic gearbox. Totally, the drivetrain should be capable to produce 309 horsepower.

2017 BMW X3 M Performance

On the other hand, the 2017 BMW X3 M Performance model is rumored to have a 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder that is speculated to deliver from 360 to 425 horsepower. This performance model will be offered just in all-wheel-drive setup and with automatic transmission. The outstanding SUV will also have two diesel options, but these units won’t be offered with U.S. model. The Performance version will pack a M Sport equipment, while the regular model gets redesigned exterior and bigger interior with plenty of new features.

The 2017 BMW X3 will arrive in late 2016, so there is more than enough time for more information.