2018 BMW X5 Sped In The Production Suit

We recently saw a production-ready prototype of the new generation BMW X3 while it was testing the new abilities, but after some two or three days we also spied the 2018 BMW X5. Judging by the spy shots, the popular SUV will definitely arrive completely redesigned. This is rather unusual, because the German car manufacturer always introduces new generation models after seven years. This time, they decided not to wait that much, so the redesigned X5 should make the official debut sometime in 2017.


The testing vehicle we saw is heavily camouflaged, so we can’t say for sure what to expect. Still, it is pretty evident that the future BMW X5 sports a significantly larger footprint. In contrast to the second and third generations that share the same platform, the 2018 BMW X5 will get a totally new architecture. It is the Cluster Architecture that’s already introduced with the 2016 7-Series sedan. The new underpinnings will make the SUV significantly lighter and more rigid. This is due the lightweight materials such as the aluminum and magnesium, and possibly carbon fiber.

The vehicle is getting completely new bodywork, which will be essentially different from the X5 you know. The new hood appears to be pronounced, while the bumper sports pretty large air intakes. We can see the new headlights, but on the other hand, the grille looks totally redesigned. Altogether, the SUV seems to be very dynamic, which is entirely in comparison to the current model that is mainly boxy. We were not able to take a look inside, but we are absolutely positive it will get more room.


BMW’s engineers will not skip the chance to offer every available engine starting from 4- cylinder options, up to V6 and even V8. Of course, they will continue to offer some kind of plug-in hybrid drivetrain, as well as the amazing M model.

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