2018 BMW X7 — New Range-Topping Seven-Seater SUV

BMW’s new full-size SUV has been spotted while it was checking its snow abilities. However, regardless the fact, the vehicle won’t be released on the market before 2017, so you can expect the all-new and amazing 2018 BMW X7 SUV. The BMW X5 that currently stands as a top of the range vehicle, but this future bigger crossover will be much more complete. This is not the question which one will be better. Both will be good, but the new X7 will have something that the X5 lacks.


2018 BMW X7: Big and Light SUV

It’s pretty simple to notice the biggest advantage of the future SUV. The 2018 BMW X7 will be bigger, so in contrast to X5’s incapacious third-row of seating, the new car will offer just exactly what buyers of such vehicles want. Of course, these two will share the same “35up” platform, which includes a wide range of uses certain exotic materials like an aluminum, high-strength steel and carbon fiber. However, the X7 won’t be just lights SUV. It will also feature outstanding exterior design, which will be influenced by the 2016 7-Series. It sounds quit exciting to imagine how beautiful bodylines of 7-Series become more robust and less smooth. Still, this smooth fell will occupy the interior space, which is rumored to be very similar to 7-Series sedan.


2018 BMW X7 will Offer All Types of Engines

Under the hood, the 2018 BMW X7 will offer almost everything you can imagine. This future range toping crossover from BMW will come with gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid drivetrains, which will be paired with an eight-speed auto transmission and all-wheel-drive setup. The plug-in hybrid will likely combine a BMW’s outstanding 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo engine that delivers 241 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and an electric motor with 94 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. In addition to this plug-in option, the upcoming X7 will also offer a wide range of other V-8, inline six and W-12 options.

BMW X7: Price and Arrival

The 2018 BMW X7 is planned to arrive into showrooms sometime in 2017, and the estimated price is around $60,000.


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