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2018 Faraday Future FF 91 SUV Gets 1,055 HP Strong Electric Powertrain

Tesla’s Model X isn’t the most impressive piece of high-riding metal anymore. Faraday Future, the company with Chinese roots but placed in Nevada has managed to develop an SUV that will easily outperform the Model X. According to the automaker, the 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 is capable of producing 1,050 horsepower. No, it’s not a mistake. The crossover will also reach 60 mph in 2.39 seconds, which isn’t impressive, but incredible.

The carmaker also claims that this “super-SUV” uses a multi-motor electric powertrain that moves all four wheels. It gets power from a 130-kwh battery pack, which is the biggest battery available in the market. Except it produces 1,055 horsepower (783 kW), the battery also enables 378 miles of range. And this appears to be the longest range currently available. The system can be charged in multiple ways. You can use a 120- or 240-volt outlet, or a 200-kilowatt charger, which is the fast one. For instance, the 240-volt charger will “fill-up” half of battery in 4.5 hours.

The 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 rides on a highly stretchable VPA platform, so the SUV won’t be the only vehicle available. No, the manufacturer will also introduce a sedan and sports car in very near future. However, in this case, the battery is positioned at the bottom, which additionally improves handling and provides low center of gravity.

The FF 91 isn’t just the big battery, but a lot more. The all-electric crossover has over 30 cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors, which enables autonomous driving. There is a 3D retractable lidar sensor on the hood that rises when the car is driving autonomously. The producer has packed a useful self-parking technology, so you can get out from the SUV and activate self-parking system through a smartphone application. There is more. The car will send you a message when it’s parked.

The exterior design isn’t something that we accept as normal and nice, but we must get used to because more and more carmakers are going in the same direction that appears to be the one-way street. However, we must admit that there are a few cool features like touch buttons for door handles that are secured by a unique FFID code for each owner. The FFID will also arrange your sitting position and much more. The carmaker claims that the system learns your habits, so it can arrange your favorite playlist, informs you about weather or traffic, and a lot more.

The first 300 examples of the 2018 FF 91 will be sold in March on auction. In case you want to buy so called FF 91 Alliance Edition, you need to make a refundable deposit of $5,000. Unofficially, the price will start at $100,000. However, the real question is where it ends?