2020 Ferrari F16X SUV: Styling, Platform, Engine, and Price Details

Ferrari is definitely building its SUV. Yes, we know that this isn’t something you haven’t heard before, but this time it’s actually happening. However, this long time rumored vehicle is still far away from the production lines. Moreover, the car manufacturer won’t introduce it for another two or three years, so you can expect to see the first-ever 2020 Ferrari F16X if everything goes according to the plan. Now, we are not so sure about the “F16X” name. Still, the latest reports, more precisely Car Magazine suggest this is the code name of the future Ferrari SUV.

2020 Ferrari F16X SUV

There is not too much reliable information about the Ferrari SUV at this point. However, according to our insiders, the first ever high-riding model from with the Ferrari badge at the nose will likely share the architecture with the next-gen GTC4 Lusso. If this turns out to be true, the 2020 Ferrari F16X might come as a soft-roader crossover with plenty of aluminum and carbon fiber parts. The guys from Car Magazine are suggesting that the future car is definitely getting “suicide back doors without B-pillars, but we are not so sure how they come up with such information.

In any case, the Italians are preparing a special engine for its first crossover. That’s reportedly a hybrid powertrain, which is going to combine a V8 gasoline engine and an electric motor. Of course, all-wheel drive will be standard. There are no other details regarding the engine at the moment. However, Ferrari will definitely try to beat the biggest rivals. Now, bearing in mind that Porsche prepares the new generation Cayenne and Bentley got its first SUV, while Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce are getting the job done pretty soon, Ferrari will have a pretty serious challenge.

The task looks even more difficult due to the price, which is rumored to be around $340,000. Yes, it’s Ferrari SUV, but this kind of money needs to be justified with an impeccable quality.


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