2021 Tesla Model Y Electric Crossover SUV Revealed And Priced

Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO at Tesla revealed the all-new Model Y a few hours ago. According to him, the small crossover SUV that exploits electricity only is going to become available in the fall of 2020, which means that we are dealing with the 2021 MY car. To be more precise, those with a deeper pocket will be privileged as the company intends to deliver pricier models first.

2021 Tesla Model Y

Meaning, the entry-level 2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range will not be available before spring of 2021. Though, with its base cost set at $41,200, it’s definitely worth waiting. This one relies on a drivetrain which can drive you around 230 miles. The ride will be pleasant and silent, though not too fast because it limits its top speed at 120 mph. Consequently, its 0-60 mph acceleration has been limited to 5.9 seconds.

2021 Tesla Model Y rear view

Potential buyers will be able to purchase the 2021 Model Y Long Range for $49,200. This one can develop a top speed of 130 mph and a 0-60 mph sprint of 5.5 seconds, as well as a drive-range of 300 miles.

The pricier Model Y Dual Motor AWD uses all-wheel drive only, and as such achieves to hurry up from zero to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. Though, its 135 mph of top speed and all other benefits will cost you $52,100.

The vanilla Model Y Performance will be the most potent version of the electric SUV. The option is going to be able to cross 280 miles. The topper tops its top speed to 150 mph, while the 0-60 mph time goes down to 3.5 seconds. The model’s starting cost will be $61,200.

2021 Tesla Model Y side view

You can order your 2021 Tesla Model Y now, but this would cost you $2,500 of deposit.

The electric crossover comes as a two-row, 5-seat model, yet in case you want an extra row of seats and 7 seats in total, you need to be ready to give some $3,000 extra. If not, you can use the money to add Tesla’s Autopilot driver assist system. The company recommends its full self-driving system for which you need to set apart $5,000. Still, we can’t skip without mentioning that the feature isn’t ready yet.

2021 Tesla Model Y cockpit

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