2021 Toyota C-HR EV Will Have An Electric Motor Under The Hood and Floor-Mounted Battery

Toyota started thinking “green” a long time ago, but even so, the Japanese car manufacturer can’t really brag with zero-emissions models at the moment. Luckily, things will change soon, probably sooner than you think, as they’ve started working on the 2021 Toyota C-HR EV already. If everything goes according to plan, the model will appear in Europe by 2021 and hopefully worldwide just a little bit later.

2021 Toyota C-HR EV

There are not too many details regarding the electric crossover at the moment. More precisely, the automaker previewed the idea of what’s going to power the C-HR EV, but they weren’t too precise with the details. So far, we know that the attractive tiny SUV is going to feature a battery-electric drivetrain consisting of a floor-mounted battery and sole electric motor that’s going to be stashed beneath the hood and will spin front axle only. We, on the other hand, think that there might be several batteries with different capacities and maybe even two motor options.

According to the automaker, the 2021 Toyota C-HR EV will also replace the current gear selector with a completely new feature. Plus, the electric crossover will get a fully digital instrument cluster. The exterior styling will receive a few changes as well. The EV will have no internal consumption engine to cool down, so the air intakes should disappear. Also, the funky-looking SUV will get rid of big wheels in order to reduce rolling resistance and thus to provide a higher driving range for Toyota’s first electric crossover.

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