Baby Bronco On Focus’ New Platform: Maverick or Timberline Nameplates Rumored

Ford is bringing back its off-road Bronco SUV to compete against the Wrangler. Blue Oval is also working on a smaller SUV which is reported to be the biggest rival of the Jeep Renegade. These are not fresh news, though. Ford hasn’t announced any official name so far, but the public is calling it the Baby Bronco, which is completely wrong because the model will have nothing in common with the iconic off-roader.

Baby Bronco

While the next-gen Bronco is getting a true body-on-frame architecture based on the new Ranger mid-size pickup truck and hard-core off-road abilities, the Baby Bronco will be something completely different. The small SUV which will either be named the Ford Maverick or Timberline will end up on the Focus’ platform.

The architecture is front-wheel-drive and able to support a range of models starting from subcompacts all the way to the mid-size footprint. The Baby Bronco will most likely have a similar size as the current Edge. The carmaker will, however, have to coupe it will some off-road kit in order to make it different from the Edge. Still, that’s not going to be easy since it doesn’t share the chassis with the Bronco but with the Focus, isn’t it?

Both the true Bronco and its small escort will be introduced next year. Ford released a teaser of the small SUV earlier this year, so we think it’s going to look pretty good.

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