Nissan IMQ Electric SUV Concept Introduced In Geneva

Nissan introduced an interesting concept vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday. According to the Japanese automaker, the model which is named the Nissan IMQ is actually the manufacturer’s deeper look into the future. Judging by the concept, the carmaker thinks pretty much the same way as the rest of automakers. Meaning, the IMQ actually previews the compact electric SUV.

Nissan IMQ concept

SUV’s heart is an e-Power electric powertrain – this new-generation system combines front and rear electric motors (one for each wheel) for a total output of 335 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. The drivetrain uses all-wheel-drive of course, but in contrast to all others that need to be charged, there is no plug anywhere on the IMQ. Instead, there’s just a small battery that’s been feed by a turbocharged 1.5-liter gasoline engine.

Nissan IMQ concept rear view

With its footprint of 179.4 inches in length, 61.4 inches in height, and 76.3 inches in width, the Nissan IMQ somehow belongs to the compact segment. Just like most of the concepts, the SUV delivers a bold design, which would most definitely be toned-down if the concept reaches production lines. Irrespective of the fact, the Nissan IMQ shows quite interesting design, especially at the front where the SUV gets a more subtle V-motion grille and highly aggressive headlights. In addition to the sharp lines, the profile of the car brings these pretty large wheels in the foreground. The 22-inch alloys come coupled with bespoke Bridgestone Connect tires. The tires are not as usual as it seem at first glance. No, these are cleaver as they provide information like temperature, grip level, and tread life. Also, there are no side mirrors anywhere on the horizon. The Nissan IMQ uses cameras instead.  Zooming in on the back, the electric SUV shows carmaker’s typical boomerang taillights, as well as the most dominant detail – the large roof spoiler.

Nissan IMQ concept

The cabin of the Nissan IMQ concept is as futuristic as the rest of the SUV. First of all, the SUV gets suicide doors; when you open them, you will realize that there are just 4 independent seats which are coupled with two-tone 3D fabric coverings. Inside, the most dominant part is definitely the center console with a 33-inch touchscreen. The automaker also previewed the Invisible-to-Visible technology that provides a range of useful features including a virtual personal assistant and “mixed reality” information about alternative routes, traffic jams, and other road info. ProPilot Assist is onboard as well. It’s basically Nissan’s semi-autonomous highway driving assistance tech. The system uses pretty complex equipment such as various sensors, radars, and cameras.

Nissan IMQ suicide doors

Nissan IMQ cockpit

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