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This isn’t the first time we see a pre-production prototype of the completely redesigned 2018 BMW X5, but it’s the first time we looked it into the eyes. As you can see, the prototype is […]

We recently saw a production-ready prototype of the new generation BMW X3 while it was testing the new abilities, but after some two or three days we also spied the 2018 BMW X5. Judging by […]

According to the latest reports, the next generation X5 won’t come in 2018, but sometime next year. We can’t explain this sudden move, because until now, the carmaker had always made the new gen model […]

The BMW X5 is a benchmark of mid-size crossover luxury. The SUV simply exudes modern and stylish features and handsome exterior styling. Besides that, the current model offers a plenty of great engine options, pretty […]

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