This world is getting yet another plug-in hybrid car pretty soon. Judging by the spy shots, the black RAV4 model isn’t any kind of the SUV, but the PHEV. It was quite simple to figure […]

Electric cars are not only the future of the automobile industry. No, EVs are the present, and as the technology develops, they will take over the biggest piece of cake in the car industry without […]

Automobile company Rezvani unveiled an updated version of its Tank SUV. Just like the original, the 2020 model has been based on the latest Wrangler. More precisely, this new one takes genes from the JL […]

British car manufacturer MG introduced a completely new model. The brand that currently belongs to SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) revealed its first-ever pickup truck, the 2020 MG Extender. The vehicle made debut in Thailand, […]

Chevrolet’s new-gen Blazer turned out to be a jackpot, so it isn’t any wonder at all that the car manufacturer intends to exploit the nameplate as much as it’s possible. Some earlier reports suggested that […]

It is not any secret at all that Alpina has been working on an X7-based model. So far, however, we’ve seen just the diesel-powered testing prototypes of so-called XD7 version of the SUV, for which […]

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught a testing prototype of VW’s future all-electric crossover and it won’t be the last time before we see the production-ready model in the United States sometime next year. […]

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