2019 BMW Pickup Truck Rumored: Getting its parts from the new-generation X5 SUV

We have some news about BMW’s pickup truck. The vehicle will reportedly arrive in early 2019 featuring pretty much everything that comes with the new generation X5. Yes, the mid-size SUV will be both father and mother of the 2019 BMW Pickup Truck. This means that the vehicle can only get mid-size footprint supported by an all-new CLAR architecture.

the 2019 BMW Pickup Truck rendering

CLAR architecture is the only option

The platform is using plenty of lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium in case of the X5, or even some carbon fiber, which is available with the new 7-Series. The pickup truck will probably stick to the first two, which will be enough to provide the vehicle light and rigid bodywork. The architecture will also enable various drivetrains under the hood. However, we expect just four and six cylinders options, without any kind of V8 or hybrid. At least not right away.

Possible engine options

The base 2019 BMW Pickup Truck will use manufacturer’s all-new and amazing 2.0-liter twin-turbo with an ability to develop 248 hp and 258 pound-feet. The V6 gasoline unit could be only a 3.0-liter with 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. The truck will offer a few diesel options of course. We sincerely hope that one of them will be a six-cylinder turbo, which pumps out 310 ponies and whopping 420 pound-feet.

On-road or off-road? It’s pretty much clear what BMW is building here

As we said already, the 2019 BMW Pickup Truck will borrow the styling form the new generation X5 too. If the carmaker doesn’t change anything, BMW’s first workhorse (if we may call it that way) will sport an aggressive front end styling will impressive grille and larger bumper. The Gera car manufacturer won’t skip the chance to add angular headlights, yet not LEDs. No, the options will feature amazing laser technology. Since it’s a pickup truck, they might reconsider to add a bit larger wheels and perhaps more pronounced fenders. Still, don’t expect any too serious off-road abilities form the vehicle. Though, it’s going to have skid plates and perhaps a unique suspension system.

In North America? Probably

Even though the BMW won’t say this, this is basically an answer to Mercedes’ X-Class pickup truck. This means that the vehicle has to feature pretty much the same pricing, or at least roughly the same base price. In contrast to the biggest rival which has no plan to visit U.S., BMW will definitely offer its pickup truck to in North America.

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