DS Plug-In Hybrid Planned for North America

The North American car market is getting one more new player. According to the latest reports, Peugeot-Citroen premium brand is working on the all-new SUV, which will be ready before 2020. In case you don’t know, the PSA luxurious brand is named DS, so don’t you surprise if you see such a vehicle in the coming years.


Anyway, the future DS crossover SUV will won’t be some ordinary model, but a plug-in hybrid. But since almost every car manufacturer has something similar these are not some too impressive news at all. Still, we should wait and see what the carmaker has to offer. As we have heard, they started the idea with lots of enthusiasm and money, so the results should come. However, regardless the fact how good or bad may be the DS crossover there is no man on earth that can predict the success or failure, especially in North America. Aside of the plug-in hybrid, DS may also introduce the all-electric and gasoline crossovers.

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