Redesigned 2022 Range Rover To Get Hybrid, PHEV, and EV Powertrains

Even though we don’t that any actual evidence, we are pretty sure Land Rover started working on its flagship SUV. According to the latest reports, the British automaker will introduce the completely redesigned model sometime in 2021 as the 2022 Range Rover. Interestingly, word on the street is that this new model is going to go all-green. Meaning, the rugged yet luxury SUV will come coupled with hybrid, PHEV, and all-electric powertrains. However, bearing in mind that the manufacturer intends to underpin the redesigned car by the MLA platform, the “electric sparkles” make sense without any doubt.

We still don’t have the details, yet it’s quite clear that the carmaker intends to offer a range of options under the hood. As far as we found, the next-gen Range Rover will electrify the entire lineup, both gasoline and diesel, while the EV should use a 90-kWh battery which is currently under development in collaboration with BMW. The big battery will reportedly enable drive range of almost 300 miles. As for the plug-in hybrid, most of the future PHEVs that come from Land Rover will be fitted with a 13.1 kWh battery pack that provides up to 31 miles of electric drive, so we expect the same technology to be available when the 2022 Range Rover arrives in two years from now. Just don’t expect to see any diesel PHEV. Instead, the diesels will rather undergo mild hybridization, including regenerative braking.

Exterior redesign of the iconic off-road SUV will be less stressful for sure. While the automaker intends to changes practically everything under the hood, the 2022 Range Rover will receive fairly evolutionary changes from the outside. Meaning, the mighty beast might adopt just a bit sleeker lines and a touch of Velar, so to say. If so, then you can expect some “specialties” like power retractable door handles and horizontal slender taillights.

Of course, the full-size class-leader will not forget to receive a new dose of luxury inside, as well as the company’s latest technologies including the newest self-driving and self-learning options.

Stay tuned for new information about the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover.

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