Redesigned 2022 Toyota 4Runner Is Coming For Sure

Let’s be honest and say that the Toyota 4Runner isn’t a vehicle for everyone. This hard-core off-roader will drive you where you want without any trouble. Moreover, we would not have any problem to go to the Moon driving the piece of work which becomes almost a vintage due to its outdated looks and features. Still, we would not mind seeing something new either. The iconic SUV will never betray you, but, truth to be told, you won’t enjoy riding as you can enjoy driving any today’s crossover SUV. The Japanese car manufacturer has been largely late with the redesign and the hopeless situation continues to annoy all true fans of the hard-core off-road model. According to the newest reports, however, the “waiting period” is almost done as the automaker has a plan to introduce the 2022 Toyota 4Runner redesigned from the ground up.

Information about the redesign is still rumor-based, so at the moment, we can’t offer you anything solid, so to say. Still, some of the words gathered from the streets make sense without any doubt. First of all, the body-on-frame SUV will trade its current platform for some new bones. Don’t you worry – the 2022 4Runner will continue to be body-on-frame. Yes, the automaker won’t give up the feature that guarantees imposing off-roading. The new architecture won’t be dedicated of course. Instead, the redesigned SUV will ride on Toyota’s upcoming architecture that will support all pickup trucks and several SUVs. Yes, in addition to the new 4Runner, this platform which is known internally as F1 will also underpin the next Tundra, Tacoma, and Hilux trucks, as well as the future Sequoia and Land Cruiser. It’s important to say that the F1 brings new technologies including electrification. We are not saying that the next-gen 4Runner is going to gets any kind of electric powertrain or anything similar, though some hybrid aid in the form of a started/generator may easily happen. This way, the heavy off-roader will definitely boost its fuel economy. According to our sources, the full-size Tundra pickup truck will be the first to try the new bones, while the 2022 Toyota 4Runner should be the next on the list.

In addition to the new architecture which will likely cut some pounds from the 4Runner, the reliable body-on-frame SUV will be fitted with a new option under the hood. Let’s speculate a little bit more and say that the next-gen model should come to the world paired with a new V6 turbo which will reportedly deliver 330 horsepower. Today’s 5-speed auto ‘box is really out-of-date, so it will make room for either an 8-speed or 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2020 4Runner got some improvements inside of the cabin, so the interior looks decent even now. Still, riding quality is a big issue here, and that needs to be solved. That’s why we largely expect either an independent rear or an air suspension. Also, the successor will definitely come loaded with the latest driving aids and the automaker’s newest infotainment and entertainment features. Though, we have to say that we don’t mind if the automaker decides to save this-year-added 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Alexa. It’s the same for the Toyota Safety Sense Plus suite of accident avoidance features: automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, automated high beams and lane-departure alert with trailer sway control.

 We know that plenty of you expect the next-gen Toyota 4Runner to offer a diesel, but chances for something that to happen are really small.

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