Hyundai Grandmaster Concept Previews The Upcoming Palisade Full-Size SUV

Hyundai continues to surprise us with beautiful concepts. After the auto manufacturer introduced the gorgeous Le Fil Rouge concept at the last Geneva Motor Show, they’ve also previewed their future full-size SUV with an outstanding Hyundai Grandmaster concept. The interesting high-riding vehicle has been unveiled at the 2018 Busan auto show a few days ago.

Hyundai Grandmaster concept

The carmaker didn’t reveal too many information back at the introduction, so we have a quite meager report about the Grandmaster. We know that this is the announcement of the upcoming Hyundai Palisade and one more model that previews Hyundai’s new design language that’s named “sensuous sportiness”.

The Hyundai Grandmaster concept doesn’t really show anything but the awesome exterior design. There’s nothing about interior treatment or technologies, while Hyundai hasn’t revealed any info that regards the powertrain of the concept. On the other hand, the exterior design says a lot. If the carmaker decides to build the similar full-size SUV we are pretty sure that the vehicle has a good chance to survive. Moreover, it can become highly popular, because the concept looks really funky and futuristic. It’s equipped with a special and unusual front-end design, which hosts an interesting grille and a pair of headlights that blends into the grille. The emotional profile of the concept SUV has been additionally embellished by a quartet of interesting wheels, while the rear end gets, well, we would say too pushy taillights.

Hyundai Grandmaster concept rear

Hyundai hasn’t revealed what’s beneath the skin of the Grandmaster. However, we think that the future full-size SUV will have the honor to be the first to use a new front-wheel-drive platform with transverse engines and all-wheel-drive capability.

There’s one quite fun fact regarding the concept. Originally, the vehicle is code-named HDC-2, while the Grandmaster name is originally used for professional chess players.

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